Wellness Consultations

What is a Wellness Consultation?

Simply stated, a Wellness Consultation is similar to a visit with a doctor in their office, except it takes place virtually or over the phone. During your Wellness Consultation, a DeNovo Clinic provider will review your health history and wellness goals to make appropriate program recommendations and prescribed wellness therapies.

How much does a Wellness Consultation cost and would I need one?

Regulations require a consultation with a licensed medical professional in order to receive any vitamin or nutraceutical injections or HCG detox. A Wellness Consultation is free only at this time.

We are focused on the complimentary delivery of wellness care, which includes help with the following:

Vitamin and nutrient deficiencies
Hormone imbalance
Immune system support
Athletic performance improvement
Antioxidant support
Inflammation reduction
Improved sleep quality
Increased energy through metabolic enhancement
General wellness support for most medical conditions

Prescription Wellness Consultation Form